Thursday, 14 May 2015

Welcome !!!!

Hi Everyone ,

I hope you all are fine. Welcome to my new space , my blog !!!! I'd love to have you here.

For few years I was very much interested in reading and browsing through thousands and thousands of wonderful blogs and fell in love with them.

So here came the time for me to start my own blog or I would say try my hand in something I love.

I found the time to do this at last when I was granted with enough and more free time. ( You'll soon know not for very long. But I hope to continue)

I was a medical doctor trained in General Surgery and then I fell in love with a guy who is now my husband for 3 years and so left my country to live with him in Canada. For the first 2 years in Canada I was doing my examinations and applying in CaRMS to enter into my profession but this is a country where it's very difficult for foreign trained doctors to start. So I couldn't succeed even though I tried and got interviews. Anyway I'll apply in next year and so on and on until I will succeed......... (Even though nothing is guaranteed)

So that's how I got this much of free time for the first time in my life!!!!! But it will soon end....... OK you guessed right !!!! I'm pregnant !!!!!!!

Even when I was busy I enjoyed Crochet, Cross stitching , Card making , Photography , travelling and any kind of DIY projects. But except...... COOKING !!!! I hated that and even now not a big fan of it. But I get the urge to make some fancy stuff and love making cakes!!!!!

So that's my story in short... !!!!!

Love to meet you all and please drop in so we can have some good times together !!!!!!

Love & Hugs

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