Friday, 15 May 2015

My Craze for Painting!!!!!!!

Hi all,

I was never an artist and I have last painted when I was 10 years at school in my last art class. 

But suddenly I got the desire to paint. It popped up out of the blue!!!!!

So poor hubby had to rush to bring the supplies in that very instance. May be some weird craving because of pregnancy. 

I combed through Pinterest and YouTube for inspirations and straight away barged into painting. 

So here are my paintings!!!!!!!

My first ever painting on a canvas.

This is the painting I used as my inspiration. There were a lot of similar ones but I liked the look of this one. I tried to locate it again as I haven't pinned it. But I took a photo of the screen as it was convenient for me to refer. Sorry I don't have the exact link.

So here are the progression pictures.

Here is the last product .....

Do you think it's good enough for a first timer?????

My second painting , a try to do an abstract. These kind of paintings were everywhere on Pinterest.

Do you guys like it ????

My third painting

How to paint Magnolia blossoms by Amy Pearce
You can watch the tutorial through this link.

My outcome

The experts out there please give some feed back and advice as to how these can be improved. I value them a lot.

So dears my advice is if you want to try something , do it as long as it doesn't hurt anyone!!!!!

Have an enjoyable day and thanks for dropping in !!!!! 

Much Love. 

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