Thursday, 28 May 2015

Life - Amazing & Unpredictable !!!!!

Hi dear all,

How are you ?

I was thinking about life and everyday I find it amazing and unpredictable.

At one point of life we stand strong and stand out from the crowd.

At another point we are just another person among a bunch of people.

We face sorrow and next moment we are happy.

Sometimes we know where we are going.

Sometimes we are lost.

Our life changes from one shape to completely another one.

Still we go on...................

Life is amazing and unpredictable.

With Love and hugs!!!!!!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Bridal Shower Card!!!!!!

Hi Dear All,

How was the week end? Hope you all had a nice time.
If you remember I customized 2 mugs as a bridal shower gift. You can check it here

I wanted to make the card by myself. I really planned to do it in a very creative way. But because of my pregnancy I was not doing well and postponed it and then there came a time I didn't have time to run to the store to buy or to make an elaborate one.

So just within about 10 minutes I made a one while I was getting ready to go to the shower.

This is what I did!!!!

I had some scrap booking card board at home and I chose a one in blue-ash shade.

Then I cut it to my desired size.

Then I cut a shape of an umbrella and its handle and some red heart shapes. The umbrella was cut from white A4 sheet and the hearts actually came from a red background of a brochure.

Then I placed everything on the card and made some changes where necessary.

Then glued them.

Then I drew on the umbrella and wrote Congratulations in Gold.

I realized the words are not very clear. So decided to write over it in silver.

To spice this quick card I wrote "Rules for a Happy Marriage".!!!!

Sorry that the pictures are not of good quality as I did everything in a haste to reach the shower at right time.

Hope this will inspire you to make a card in a jiffy!!!!

With much Love!!!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Cake Decorations - My Style

Hi Dear all,

  I hate cooking but I'm interested in baking and making new stuff. So I love to bake a cake for a special occasion and always wanted to decorate them as a pro. But I have never learned the art in a formal way and there's no way for me to buy the fondant icing or any ready made icing without going out without hubby. So if I want to do a surprise cake I have to use what I have at home.

 Also I'm still learning how to make various icings. So when it comes to cake decorations I'm limited by all these and there's one more restriction. Hubby hates icing so when I talk about icing a cake he shrinks. So all in all considering all the restrictions and also my love to decorate I came up with my own style!!!!

 This is not for everyone I know. But if there's someone like me who has not mastered the techniques you can try this!!!! and if your hubby doesn't like any icing with his cake!!!!!

I mixed icing sugar and butter and then when the mixture is in a state good enough for molding I started making the figures. Then painted the little elephants with food coloring and added two mustard seeds as eyes!!!!! Voila there is your decorated cake !!!!!! This was done for our anniversary.

 This cake was made for my mother's birth day. I even didn't have any nozzles at that time. So I cut a hole in a Zip lock bag and then I put in a cardboard cone with the tip cut as a start. Put in the icing mixture and made the flowers. The 2 letters were made using just a plain hole and I molded the heart.

So this is very easy.

Please leave a comment on your thoughts about this.

With much Love!!!!!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bridal Shower Gift !!!!!

Hi dear all,

Hope you all had a great week end and we had a holiday on Monday too!!! yay yay !!!! (Anyway I'm home always)

I am invited to a bridal shower next week end. So I was thinking what can I take as a gift !
In Pinterest and in You Tube I have seen this Sharpie craft. So I also decided to give it a try.

There were lot of advice on what to do and what not to do.

So here's how I did it. It cost me in total of 3.75$ as I bought everything in Dollarama.

Things Needed : 

I used Metallic Permanent marker in Gold color.

Method : 

1. Paste the letter and shape on the mug on your desired placed.

2. Start putting dots around the letter and shape. Make them closer and tight around the letter and far apart when away from them. You can choose your own designing method.
Here is the final look.

3. Let the stickers on for like 5-10 minutes and carefully remove them.

4. If there's any smearing inside the letter space , use a little paint brush dipped in water and clear them. Then add more dots to fine tune your design.

5. Let it dry completely for about 20- 30 minutes.

6. Put in the oven at 425 F and bake for 30 minutes. Do not pre heat the oven before putting mugs.

7. Let the mugs cool within the oven for around 2 hrs.

I did the washing test. First with water. It stood the test.
Then I used cleaning liquid and yay yay it survived!!!!!!

I saw in advice regarding this project , these won't survive the dish washer. SO I'm going to tell the bride-to be that wash this manually!!!!

You also can try this with various shapes and designs. Happy crafting!!!!!!

Next I'm going to make a card for the bride-to be !!!

See you soon.

With much Love!!!!!!!

Friday, 15 May 2015

My Craze for Painting!!!!!!!

Hi all,

I was never an artist and I have last painted when I was 10 years at school in my last art class. 

But suddenly I got the desire to paint. It popped up out of the blue!!!!!

So poor hubby had to rush to bring the supplies in that very instance. May be some weird craving because of pregnancy. 

I combed through Pinterest and YouTube for inspirations and straight away barged into painting. 

So here are my paintings!!!!!!!

My first ever painting on a canvas.

This is the painting I used as my inspiration. There were a lot of similar ones but I liked the look of this one. I tried to locate it again as I haven't pinned it. But I took a photo of the screen as it was convenient for me to refer. Sorry I don't have the exact link.

So here are the progression pictures.

Here is the last product .....

Do you think it's good enough for a first timer?????

My second painting , a try to do an abstract. These kind of paintings were everywhere on Pinterest.

Do you guys like it ????

My third painting

How to paint Magnolia blossoms by Amy Pearce
You can watch the tutorial through this link.

My outcome

The experts out there please give some feed back and advice as to how these can be improved. I value them a lot.

So dears my advice is if you want to try something , do it as long as it doesn't hurt anyone!!!!!

Have an enjoyable day and thanks for dropping in !!!!! 

Much Love. 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Welcome !!!!

Hi Everyone ,

I hope you all are fine. Welcome to my new space , my blog !!!! I'd love to have you here.

For few years I was very much interested in reading and browsing through thousands and thousands of wonderful blogs and fell in love with them.

So here came the time for me to start my own blog or I would say try my hand in something I love.

I found the time to do this at last when I was granted with enough and more free time. ( You'll soon know not for very long. But I hope to continue)

I was a medical doctor trained in General Surgery and then I fell in love with a guy who is now my husband for 3 years and so left my country to live with him in Canada. For the first 2 years in Canada I was doing my examinations and applying in CaRMS to enter into my profession but this is a country where it's very difficult for foreign trained doctors to start. So I couldn't succeed even though I tried and got interviews. Anyway I'll apply in next year and so on and on until I will succeed......... (Even though nothing is guaranteed)

So that's how I got this much of free time for the first time in my life!!!!! But it will soon end....... OK you guessed right !!!! I'm pregnant !!!!!!!

Even when I was busy I enjoyed Crochet, Cross stitching , Card making , Photography , travelling and any kind of DIY projects. But except...... COOKING !!!! I hated that and even now not a big fan of it. But I get the urge to make some fancy stuff and love making cakes!!!!!

So that's my story in short... !!!!!

Love to meet you all and please drop in so we can have some good times together !!!!!!

Love & Hugs