Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Bridal Shower Card!!!!!!

Hi Dear All,

How was the week end? Hope you all had a nice time.
If you remember I customized 2 mugs as a bridal shower gift. You can check it here

I wanted to make the card by myself. I really planned to do it in a very creative way. But because of my pregnancy I was not doing well and postponed it and then there came a time I didn't have time to run to the store to buy or to make an elaborate one.

So just within about 10 minutes I made a one while I was getting ready to go to the shower.

This is what I did!!!!

I had some scrap booking card board at home and I chose a one in blue-ash shade.

Then I cut it to my desired size.

Then I cut a shape of an umbrella and its handle and some red heart shapes. The umbrella was cut from white A4 sheet and the hearts actually came from a red background of a brochure.

Then I placed everything on the card and made some changes where necessary.

Then glued them.

Then I drew on the umbrella and wrote Congratulations in Gold.

I realized the words are not very clear. So decided to write over it in silver.

To spice this quick card I wrote "Rules for a Happy Marriage".!!!!

Sorry that the pictures are not of good quality as I did everything in a haste to reach the shower at right time.

Hope this will inspire you to make a card in a jiffy!!!!

With much Love!!!!

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