Thursday, 16 July 2015

Travel - Visit Potato Church in Quebec, Canada

Hi dear all,

It's summer and time to roam around!!!!!!!

Today i will share with you about Potato church in Quebec near Montreal. The real name of the church is "Sanctuaire Notre Dame de Lourdes". Irrespective of your religion it's a place of interest to visit.

This is situated in Rigaud near the border of Quebec and Ontario provinces, Canada. It has an interesting history.

Long time ago the farmers around the area was getting poor harvest from their potatoes. So they have gone and prayed at the church to get a good harvest and have promised to bring their harvest to offer to the church. Next season they have got an abundance of harvest but in their joy they have forgotten their promise. So to teach them a lesson god has turned all the potatoes in to stones.

You can see large round stones towards the right side of the church in one place. Actually an amazing site.

The surrounding is also amazing. There's a picnic area down below.

Hope you all will find time to visit this place if you come around Montreal!!!!!

with Love & Hugs.

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