Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Salt Dough Crafts !!!!!!!

Hi dear all,

At last I found time to post. As you know I was busy with our move to new house.

Salt dough crafts are so easy to make and can be kept for a long time. You can use them in various ways!!!!!!

So here goes how you can tackle this easy crafting !!!!!!!!!


1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water (You can adjust the amount of water according to how your dough turns out. For me in the end I have used little less than 1/2 cup )

Mix the ingredients well and make a dough. If the consistency is right it won't stick to the hand or the bowl and can be modeled easily.

I had some tools which are used to decorate cup cakes and used them too.
I have bought them at Dollar store for 1.25 $.

Roll the dough on a flat smooth surface using a rolling pin.

Then using above tools, my imagination I cut out the desired shapes and using my hands shaped out them. You can use your imagination here. Let it run wild.

If you plan to hang your creations or use them as jewelries don't forget to make a hole.

After you have created the shapes bake them in the oven 200 F for about one hour and you are done.

Then you can paint them with Acrylic paint or any kind of paint. You can even mix food coloring to the dough. .

I used my creations to decorate cakes in my style and hung some on wall.

Hope you all will try this specially with kids!!!!!

With love and hugs.

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