Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Cake Decorations - My Style

Hi Dear all,

  I hate cooking but I'm interested in baking and making new stuff. So I love to bake a cake for a special occasion and always wanted to decorate them as a pro. But I have never learned the art in a formal way and there's no way for me to buy the fondant icing or any ready made icing without going out without hubby. So if I want to do a surprise cake I have to use what I have at home.

 Also I'm still learning how to make various icings. So when it comes to cake decorations I'm limited by all these and there's one more restriction. Hubby hates icing so when I talk about icing a cake he shrinks. So all in all considering all the restrictions and also my love to decorate I came up with my own style!!!!

 This is not for everyone I know. But if there's someone like me who has not mastered the techniques you can try this!!!! and if your hubby doesn't like any icing with his cake!!!!!

I mixed icing sugar and butter and then when the mixture is in a state good enough for molding I started making the figures. Then painted the little elephants with food coloring and added two mustard seeds as eyes!!!!! Voila there is your decorated cake !!!!!! This was done for our anniversary.

 This cake was made for my mother's birth day. I even didn't have any nozzles at that time. So I cut a hole in a Zip lock bag and then I put in a cardboard cone with the tip cut as a start. Put in the icing mixture and made the flowers. The 2 letters were made using just a plain hole and I molded the heart.

So this is very easy.

Please leave a comment on your thoughts about this.

With much Love!!!!!

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