Monday, 8 June 2015

Travel - Montmorency Falls , Quebec, Canada

Hi dear all ,

How are you all?

Do you love travelling and visiting new places? That's one of my favorite things to do in life!!!!!!!!

So as the summer is approaching I like very much to start roaming. But this summer as I'm pregnant we can't travel far. Anyway there are lots of places nearby too!!!! So hopefully I can roam around a bit.

Before I leave for a trip I always like to learn something about that place. So I know what to look for and what to visit and sometimes through my research I came across wonderful places less travelled by others as these were hidden.

So today I decided I will share with you some information about Montmorency Falls which is a waterfall in Quebec , Canada. So if you guys wish to visit you will know in advance some background information.

In French it's called " Chute Montmorency" named in honor of Henri II , Duc de Montmorency who served as viceroy of New France(1620- 1625 )

It's formed by the Montmorency river and is situated about 12 km from the Quebec City (Capital of the province Quebec) in the Montmorency Falls Parc.

The falls are 84 m (276 ft ) high and is higher than Niagara falls by 30 m (98 ft) .
The width is 46 m (150 ft)

You can park at 2 sites. There's a vehicle park at the level of the river up and another at the bottom of the falls.

There are gondolas which will carry you up or down depending on where you parked and the view from them is breathtaking.

Then there's the bridge over the falls which is wonderful.

After that you can take the stairs built to go down parallel to the falls and can go to the foot of the falls. You should try all these methods.

Pets are allowed and we can see lot of dogs enjoying the walk as much as us humans!

In winter there were virtually no one in the park when we visited and the offices were also closed. But it's worth a visit. It looks as if the falls have shrunk.

There's another wonderful site but I was not lucky to see it. The mist of the waterfall freezes and it cause "Le pain de sucre" - Sugar loaf at the foot of the falls. It's a sight to behold for sure.

So if you are interested visit Montmorency Falls and you can cover Quebec City too at the same time.

With Love and Hugs!!!!

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