Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Gift for a Baby Girl - Cross Stitch

Hi dear all,

We went to see a newborn baby girl of one of our friends.

As the part of the gift I wanted to make a special cross stitch work for her.

I found this chart in Pinterest.

The link can be found Here . Serebro-85

Thank you very much for sharing the chart for free.

It's a baby girl cross stitch pattern

So here you can see my step by step progress.

I used DMC threads except one color and here are the numbers of the threads I used if you'd like to try same colors.

For the heart - Dark Color - 054 (Anchor)
                        Light Color - 819 (DMC)

For the dress - Dark Color - 054 (Anchor)
                        Medium Color - 3716 (DMC)
                        Light Color - 819 (DMC)

First started with the hearts.

I finished one color first and then went on to other colors.

The look when half of the work was outlined.

Completely outlined.

With the words stitched in to place.

Hope this will inspire you to do a cross stitching project!!!!

With love and hugs!!!!

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